Rexroth, Bosch (quantitative pump variable pump) is widely used in injection molding machine / die casting machine / hydraulic press / marine machinery / engineering machinery. Its products include rotary drilling rig, pump truck, vehicle mounted pump, towing pump, mixing truck, mixing station, crawler crane, road roller, excavator, roadheader, bridge erecting machine, beam carrier, beam lifter, grader, marine crane, metallurgy, petrochemical, mining, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, engineering machinery Machinery, highway machinery, concrete machinery, environmental protection, textile, molding, wood-based panel production and other industries
Technical characteristics of A4V series variable piston pump: swash plate axial piston variable displacement pump is suitable for hydrostatic transmission of closed circuit. The flow rate is proportional to the driving speed and displacement, and can be adjusted steplessly. As the swash plate swing angle increases, the flow rate changes from zero to maximum. When the swash plate swings through the zero position, the flow direction changes smoothly. Various forms of control and regulation functions with good adaptability. The two relief valves on the high pressure side protect the hydraulic transmission components (pump and motor) from overload, and the high-pressure relief valve is also used as the make-up oil pressure valve. The built-in auxiliary pump is used as make-up and control oil pump. The maximum make-up pressure is limited by the built-in oil replenishing relief valve. It is used in mining, metallurgy, shipbuilding, construction, engineering, agriculture, forestry, industry, industry and other fields

Rexroth Piston Pump Series:

1、A8VO Series:A8VO55、A8VO80、A8VO107、A8VO160

2、A4VSO Series:A4VSO40、A4VSO45、A4VSO56、A4VSO71、A4VSO125、A4VSO180、A4VSO250、A4VSO355

3、A4VG Series:A4VG28、A4VG45、A4VG50、A4VG56、A4VG71、A4VG125、A4VG180、A4VG250

4、A6V Series:A6V55、A6V80、A6V107、A6V160、A6V225、A6V250

5、A7V Series:A7V16、A7V28、A7V55、A7V80、A7V107、A7V160、A7V200、A7V250

6、A8V Series:A8V55、A8V80、A8V107、A8V115、A8V172

7、A10VSO Series:A10VSO28、A10VSO43、A10VSO45、A10VSO71、A10VSO100、A10VSO140

8、A10VD Series:A10VD17、A10VD21、A10VD28、A10VD43、A10VD71

9、A11V Series:A11V130、A11V160、A11V190、A11V250